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Copper-Clad Aluminium Conductors

Large-scale attempts were made in the USA, and also more particularly in India, to use aluminium conductors in general house wiring type systems. Owing to overheating in accessories having pinch-screw type connections, the results were unsatisfactory and much of the cable had to be replaced to avoid excessive maintenance cost.

Copper-clad aluminium conductors were developed mainly to overcome these problems but they have had only very limited service. Operational experience was satisfactory, the main disadvantage being that the increase in size over a copper cable of equal rating caused conduit occupancy to be reduced. They are now no longer included in IEC 60228.

For power cables there is no justification for increase in conductor cost to obtain more satisfactory jointing. Another factor with stranded conductors of the larger sizes is that with the conventional plant used for stranding there is a possible danger of local damage to the copper surface and any exposure of aluminium could lead to corrosion due to the bimetallic effect.
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