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The complete overview of ABC cable

ABC cable also called Aerial Bundle Cable is a very innovative concept for overhead power distribution as compared to the conventional  bare  conductor  overhead distribution system.

What is ABC cable? This kind of cable uses several insulated phase conductors that are tightly bundled together, usually connected with the bare neutral conductor. This kind of cable can transmit low-voltage power.

Follow me to see how many types of ABC

· lv ABC cable, Consists of 3 insulated aluminum phase conductors and 1 neutral insulated wire made of aluminum alloy (usually 6201),this cable is made of aluminum, aluminum alloy or copper as the conductor.

· Medium ABC cable,Medium voltage overhead cables are the most effective method in the transformation of urban power grids, usually using aluminum as conductors.

· Duplex/triplex overhead cable
Insulating material use XLPE, the main component is 1350 aluminum,concentrically stranded.

Advantages of Using ABC Cables:

Let me introduce you to some properties of ABC cable. Let’s take some examples.

·easy installation
·Laying span small
·Safe and reliable
ABC Cables are safer and more reliable than bare conductors
·Weather resistant
·Cheaper price
ABC Cables are very economical in price and are more competitive than traditional cables, it can be used more widely than bare conductors.
·Wide range of applications
Aerial Bundled cables are mainly used for phase-to-phase voltages of 600 volts or below,for example Street lighting.

Applicable standards for ABC Cables

·GB/T 12527
When you use TANO CABLE, the company can also manufacture ABC Cables as your request.
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