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What cable type is RVVZ


RVVZ communication room with flame retardant flexible structure cable - RVVZ (also known as ZRVVR) series of flame retardant flexible cable, the following to introduce the RVVZ is what cable model?

1 RVVZ cable symbol meaning
RVVZ cable is a multi-layer twisted form with fine wire strands, which has good flexibility, high bending performance, and also has high flame retardant performance.
R - soft
V--Polyvinyl chloride sheath
V--Polyvinyl chloride insulation
Z--Flame retardant

2 the structure of RVVZ cable and common models
1、Structure: Conductive core - Insulation layer (inner lining layer) - (armored layer) - Outer sheath
2、Common models.
RVZ--Copper core flame retardant PVC insulated flexible cable   
RVVZ--Copper core flame retardant PVC insulated and sheathed flexible cable
RVVZ22--Copper-core flame-retardant PVC insulated and sheathed steel-ribbon armored flexible cable
RVFH--Copper core flame retardant PVC insulated fireproof flexible cable
RVVFH--Copper core flame retardant PVC insulated and sheathed fireproof flexible cable
RVVFH22--Copper-core flame-retardant PVC insulated and sheathed steel-ribbon armored flexible cable

3. the voltage level of RVVZ cable
RVVZ, RVVZ22, RVVFH, RVVFH22 models of the cable for 0.6/1KV.

4 the scope of application
Suitable for telecommunications, post and telecommunications, railroads, chemical industry, fire, communications and other communications room distribution system of the internal connection line, both for fixed laying can also be used as a mobile cable, especially in special environments, the product is suitable for communications rooms, mobile stations and high-rise buildings and other power transmission, distribution system. AC rated voltage O.6/1kV and below.

5 the difference between RVV and RVVZ
1. called different: RVV is generally called soft wire, while RVVZ that ZR-VVR is called soft cable.
2. the voltage level different
RVV: 300/500V
RVVZ: 0.6/1KV
3. the use of occasions different
RVV: mainly used in electrical appliances, instruments and electronic equipment and automation devices with power lines, control lines and signal transmission lines, specifically for burglar alarm systems, building intercom systems, etc.
RVVZ: suitable for AC rated voltage U0/U for 0.6/1KV and below on the transmission and distribution lines.
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