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The applications and features of the NFC 33209 Aerial Bundled Cable

The ABC, known as the NFC 33209 aerial bundled cable is manufactured and designed for fixed installations for overhead-power lines with a maximum of 1000V incl. These cables are also used to supply 120/220V aerial services for term services on construction sites, in the form of a service-drop which involves power-pole to a service-entrance, in the form of a secondary-cable which involves pole-to-pole, or for street lighting requirements. For services that reach a maximum of 1000V or lower, the cables are able to handle a maximum conductor-temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.

ABC Standards

Every country has its own standards when it comes to aerial-bundled cable. Each country also has their own construction environments, different requirements, different regions as well as minimum service-life for these cables. For this reason, transmission lines that use ABC specifications will also be different. The standard for the aerial bundled cables include the following NFC 33209 standard, BS standard, ICEA standards, VDE, DIN, GOST, AS-NZS, NBR, IEC, GBT and so on.

Features Of The NFC 33209 Aerial Bundled Cable

ABCs are designed for the fixed installations of overhead power-lines that do not exceed 1000 V incl. When it comes to the NFC 33209 standard, phase material includes an aluminum-conductor that includes round compressed strands. While the neutral Conductor materials are made up of alloy aluminum which includes Al, Mg and Si of compressed rounded strands. Insulation material is made up of XLPE. The neutral or load-bearing core uses the NFC 33209 producers and standard to mark. Click here to know more other abc cable standards. Such as, ABC Cable- to BS Standard (AL/XLPE).

The phase-core uses the numbers 1, 2, 3 in order to mark. The assembly is made up of cores while the neutral conductor is stranded together to achieve a right-hand lay. In addition, 1, 2 or 3 cores in association to reduced cross-section which have the ability to be co-stranded.

The Market For The NFC 33209 Aerial Bundled Cable

The industry for the NFC 33209 standard as a whole adopts a variety of measures, like linkage pumping, spot sampling, flight checks and factory-spot checks. These checks help to ensure the quality of the products sold.
The main application purpose for the NFC 33209 Standard ABC cable are used widely in the form of distribution and transmission lines in order to replace the overhead conductors. These cables are mainly used in area such as factories, downtown along with other densely and populated built areas. Rated voltage for these products includes 600/1000V or below.

The Product Description

• A rated voltage of 600/1000V
• The insulation for these cables includes XLPE
• The phase-core conductors include 1350 aluminum
• The Tano Cable NFC 33-209 standard aerial bunched cable sectional area includes 10-400 mm2
• The maximum conductor DC resistance is 20 degrees Celsius
• The minimum bending radius is 15-times the cable radius
• The voltage for these cables range from low to medium
• The wire core-material includes the AAC and AAAC
• The application for these cables is mainly overhead
• The material shape includes round wires
• The current are ABC cables
• The certification includes CE, CCC, and ISO

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