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Overhead power lines are dangerous


Why overhead power lines are dangerous?

This is a physics problem that can be easily explained:

A worker is at risk of electrocution if his equipment makes contact with a power cable while he is touching the ground. Electrical current would then be able to pass through his body and electrocute him. The electricity will only leave a power source if it has direct access to the ground. If a worker grabbed a power line with both feet off the ground, he would not be harmed. This is apparent when you see birds or squirrels sitting safely on power lines, even though they are not insulated.

How to avoid it?

Leave the power lines. If you ever come across a downed or drooping power line that blocks your route or otherwise looks too low, do not attempt to move it. Call 110 or the local power company. Be aware of arcing (or an electrical or power surge) if you're standing close to downed power lines.
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