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What is Flexible Cable?

What is Flexible Cable?
Flexible Cable is a cable that possesses flexibility for challenging cable positioning. We defines "flexibility" as "that quality of a cable or cable component which allows for bending under the influence of outside force."

How many types of cable flexing are there?
There are four common types of cable flexing movements. These include rolling flex, bending flex or "tic-toc," torsional flex and variable/random motion flex. Usually flexible cable are some kinds of rubber cable, control cable, instrument cable, welding cable and mine cable etc.

In what types of applications would I use Flexible Cable?
Flexible Cable is utilized in numerous applications to withstand the extreme stress of flexing and motion. A few applications include: drag chain applications, applications with repetitive bending and torsion stress, machine tools, data processing equipment, robotics, assembly lines, automation networking, microprocessor and computer interconnects and many more.

Do Flexible Cables meet industry standards?
Flexible Cable styles meet various approvals. Flexible Cable may be UL Listed, CSA certified, CE marked and/or meet military specifications. However, every flexible cable is different, so make sure to specify if your flexible cable needs one or more standards to be met.