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5 measures to prevent electric cable insulation breakdown

(1)     Strengthen the operation maintenance of electric cable lines. We should check the electric cable lines regularly, find hidden danger and immediately remove it; cable lines do not operate  overload long-term, and to comply with operating procedures.

(2)     Prevent mechanical damage. Overhead cables, especially cables which laying along the wall, should be covered. For cable lines outside of factory, we should step up inspections and stop the excavation work near cable line.

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(3)     Prevent cable insulation moisture. Cable lead-coated corrosion can lead to wet insulation breakdown; so we should strengthen the maintenance of the cable outer sheath, 2 to 3 years to brushing a layer of asphalt on the cable outer sheath intervals.

(4)     Improve construction quality of the cable head. Since the bubble and water effecting compressive strength of the cable end insulation, so the cable head production and installation process should be closely wrapped insulation, with no gaps. Epoxy resin and quartz powder before use should strictly be dried. Cable Terminal near the electric field distribution is very uneven, the electric field strength at the edge of sheath is largest , so we should reinforce insulation there.

(5)     Be careful when transporting cable, cable laying should ensure quality. When carrying cables, to avoid pinching the cables. When laying cable, bending radius shouldn’t be too large, so as not to damage the internal insulation. For oil impregnated paper insulated cables, pay special attention to the installation height difference between the ends must not exceed a predetermined value.