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What types of wire can be installed in Cable Tray systems?


Industrial Cable

Industrial Cable from TANO Cable is supplied to a variety of industries. Industrial Cable is used in tough, demanding applications. This type of cable works in high temperature environments as well as high-voltage uses.

It can withstand harsh treatment such as abrasion and contact with flames.

TANO Cable stocks many types of Industrial Cable, including Multi-Conductor Control and Power Cable, Armored Power and Control Cable, and more. These are all available on our website.

Instrumentation Cable

Instrumentation Cables possess excellent electrical, thermal, and physical properties. This type of cable is designed to be able to withstand harsh treatment such as surface abrasion and even contact with flames,

although it can be used in normal conditions as well. The specific types of Instrumentation Cables listed above are made to be used in circuits up to 600 volts.

TANO CABLE also carries another very popular option, 300 Volt Instrumentation Cables, which is suitable for use in lower-voltage applications.

Control Cables

TANO CABLE's selection of high quality Control Cables includes flexible control cables and flexible automation cables. These cables are supplied to a variety of industries and applications, including robotics, manufacturing, construction, power and distribution, and more. They are common in both commercial and industrial markets.