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Threats and Cable Line Fault of Bare Conductor Overhead Cable

1. Bare Conductor Overhead Cable is outside; it will be affected by climate and environmental conditions. Lightning, fog, wind, rain, snow, heat, cold, flood, smoke and dust, fibers, etc. are from different aspects threaten to Bare Conductor Overhead Cables.

2. For the Bare Conductor Overhead Cable line fault phenomenon, there are mainly following situations: mechanical damage, lead sheath cracking and spalling, head terminal flashover, head terminal or intermediate joints explode, insulation breakdown, metal sheath corrosion perforation and so on. For line fault causes of Bare Conductor Overhead Cable, there are following situations: external damage, chemical etching or electrolytic corrosion, lightning, flooding, pests and other natural disasters as well as the improper construction, improper maintenance etc. personnel negligence factors.

bare conductor overhead cable

3. When lightning struck Bare Conductor Overhead Cable, it has the potential to make insulator flashover or breakdown. In order to improve resistance capacity to lightning and prevent lightning accidents, we can install lightning wire or lightning rod to prevent the conductor directly struck by lightning; we can install tube arrester to prevent harm lightning invasion wave; we can configure automatic reclosing, prevent lightning flashover or other discharge causing power outages; we also can install in the neutral point arc suppression coil, in order to reduce the risk of lightning or other causes of single-phase ground.