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How to identify good quality cable or poor quality cable?

1. Check printed label carefully, whether the printing is illegible. It means to see printed words on the label and the insulated sheath, if there are typos or printed shades, vague words, you need to pay attention.

2. Twist insulation sheath with hand, check whether it fades or lose word. Twist insulation sheath with your fingers, insulation sheath of poor quality cable is easy to fade, especially red insulation sheath; and printed word is easy to rub away.

3. Scratch or nip insulation sheath of cable with nails, it is poor quality cable if you can pinch off the insulation sheath.

4. Bend insulation sheath repeatedly, and check whether it will break after three to four times. If break, it is poor quality cable because its insulation sheath is very bad.

5. Fire the insulation sheath of cable, check whether it will self-ignite when fire off. If it will self-ignite, it is poor quality cable.

6. Check the conductor.The conductor of cable is common aluminum and copper, if the conductor color is dark and no metallic luster, it is poor quality cable.

7. Measure inner diameters and outer diameters, and then weigh the cable. Measure the inner and outer diameters of cable insulation sheath, the tolerance is ± 10%. If it exceeds the tlerance, it is poor quality cable.