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Main characteristics of split-phase metal sheath power cables

Waterproof wire and cable research and development has been a problem in the main study, after many long and repeated experiments we can found that even if the insulating sheath is not broken, there will be some water or moisture seeped into the core of power cables. Thus, it is generally considered that improving three core waterproof cables to three single core waterproof cables structure is better when medium voltage power cables or low voltage power cables applied to real-life.

We can produce cables based on the structure of single core medium voltage waterproof power cable, then stranding three single core cables instead of three core cables. Water-blocking effect of improved water proof power cable will be better, and the structure becomes simple, it is not only save water blocking material and cost, but also improve the carrying capacity and heat dissipation potential of power cables; on the other hand, ease of manufacture, and easier to install. The most important is to prevent the ingress of moisture inside the cable, keep dry insulated core, to further extend the life of the cable.

metal sheath power cables

Specifications of split-phase metal compartment power cables

1. Specifications of power cable core

Conductor should be metallized or non-metallized annealed copper, aluminum, or aluminum alloy which consistent with GB / T3956 type 1 or type 2; it also can be bare copper or metallization annealed copper conductor consistent with GB / T3956 type 5. Insulation, metal shielding (if any), cabling, inner sheath (if any), armor (if any), the outer jacket to meet GB / T12706 relevant standards.

2. Specifications of split-phase metal sheath

After the completion of phase metal sheath, we need test for cables inflate, the test should be met: cable filled 50-100kPa dry air or nitrogen, total length of the cable after the pressure equalization within 3h, the air pressure in the cable should not be reduced.

3. The integrated waterproof specifications of metal power cable

Cable finished product soaked in water 72 hours, then the case of the surface except the insulating structure, observe the surface should be dry. Phase metal sheath water poof power cable manufacturing process is simple, all aspects of performance are more excellent, and it is suitable for medium and low voltage cable selection.