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How to laying underground cable?

Underground cable laying technical requirements

1.  Identify circuit trend: identify the circuit trend according to electricity distribution requirements and design drawings;

2.  Burial depth should generally be in deep underground 0.7m, when it is close proximity with other channels and other cable should be buried in the depths of 1m;

3.  The bottom of underground cable ditch must be flat, or spread a thick 100mm of fine soil in the ditch, and the installation of signs on the ground;

4.  When the undeground cables lay cross the road should wear sleeve protection;

5.  Metallic sheath ends of armored cabels and lead sheathed cables must be grounded;

6.  There are a variety of cable lines laying method, commonly used methods are buried laying, cable trench laying, tunnel laying, pipe laying and brightly laying indoor and outdoor.

Underground cable circuit laying method

1. Firstly, dig trenches: underground cable laying need to dig a trench depth of about 0.8m on the ground, trench width is 0.6m. After the formation of the ditch, covered with 100mm thick fine sand as underground cables cushion.

2. Cable laying usually divided into two kinds: manual laying and mechanical traction. Manual laying is used for laying cables with small size, two people stood on both sides of the cable channel, carrying cable tray forward slowly along the laying direction, gradually release the cable reel, fall into the trench; mechanical traction is used for any size cables, every two meters to place a wheel in cable ditch; located pay-off rack at one end of the cable channel, placed winch or windlass at the other end, 8 to 10 meters / minute to pull the cable out, falls on the wheel, then withdraw the wheel, the cable loosely deposited in the ditch, to extend and retract. On the cable and then covered with 100mm thick soft soil or fine sand, covered with brick or concrete cover, covering both sides of the cable diameter should exceed the width 5Omm, finally filling in the cable trench, backfill above the ground to 150 ~ 200mm, and at both ends of the cable line, intermediate and corner joints erected Flag piles.

3. Finished the intermediate connector and terminal head of cable, cable construction is going to complete, before delivery, it must be do related tests.