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What is the difference between THHN and THWN electric wire?

THHN and THWN are all nylon sheath electric wire, one type of American Standard electric wires, they are according to UL62 and UL83 Standard.

THHN is short for thermoplastic high-heat resistant nylon-coated wire; it is with better electrical properties and physical properties than common PVC insulation electric wires, which are with better features of heat resistance, rotproofness, self-lubrication and oil resistance. THHN nylon electric wire is used to connect branch circuit and various kinds of electronics.

THWN is short for thermoplastic heat- and waterproofness nylon-coated wire, it is with features of thermoplasticity and water-resistant. The application of THWN is same as THHN, it is known as THWN is evolution of THHN.

In conclusion, the basic difference bewteen THHN and THWN is the waterproofness.