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How to prevent high voltage power cable watering?

High voltage power cable is a kind of cable used in special occasion, we should obey operation rules strictly when using, once accidents happened, the consequences are very serious. High voltage power cable once watered, under the influence of electric field, aging will occur, leading to cable breakdown.

In the practical application of high voltage power cable, the solution to high voltage power cable watering is as following:

1. If the cable end has water, the front end can amputate a few meters of the cable.

2. If the entire cable has water, can only be scrapped.

So how to prevent high voltage power cable water is crucial, usually take the following measures:

1, The high-voltage power cable should be sealed up, if it is amputated the end of the cable, either stacked or laid up, the cable all should be sealed with plastic so as to prevent moisture penetration.

2, High voltage power cable must make cable joints and terminations timely after cable laying, which can effectively prevent cable watering from the cable end.

3, When purchase high voltage power cable, you must select a good quality cable (such as Tano Cable), can effectively prevent cable insulation aging and other conditions.

4, The Insulation impurities and porosity of high voltage power cable is the starting point for the movement of water molecules, so the cable must be regular maintenance when using.