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Quality FAQ and improved methods of ACSR Conductor

ACSR Conductor is stranded together by aluminum wire and steel wire, which is widely used in overhead transmission lines, its quality directly affects the safety of electricity delivery. This paper will discuss the main reasons and improved methods that affecting the quality of ACSR conductor.

Firstly, the ACSR Conductor strands technology.

1. Single Line break:

Main reason:

1) Single line was pulled around the spool too loose or too tight on the line position;

2) Conduit friction due to the trench line inlay dead; single line knot or reel brake too tight.


1) Check whether single line is uneven or pressure line, so they should pay attention to receive reel in cable tidy drawing process;

2) Replace badly worn conduit timely.

3) Check whether the top reel rotation is flexible, to ensure good bearing lubrication;

4) Check whether the reel set is uniform tension, tension should be adjusted according to the size of the actual situation.

2. single line arch camber, loose, serpentine bend

Main reason:

1) The pitch diameter ratio selected is unreasonable;

2) reaming each single line splitter board positions staggered and uneven distribution;

3) The die aperture is too large;

4) Individual single line tension is too large.


1) First, select the appropriate pre-production section diameter ratio haul rate, stranding pitch length and twist to the other parameters. Their product quality, stability, strength, resistance and material consumption compared with a straight impact;

2) According to rationalize the work experience in a single line splitter plate position distribution;

3) The appropriate choice of the pressure the cells, generally require small die aperture between the outer diameter of 0.3-0.5mm than the line;

4) To properly regulate the tension reel, single line to ensure that all tension is moderate and consistent;

5) Adjust the back-twisting device, the angle to be consistent, to remove the guide as an internal stress generated in the process;

6) Twisted manufacturing process to minimize the number of stops, as far as possible uniform production.

Secondly, ACSR Conductor production management



In the production process to strictly control the quality of raw materials into the plant; Note To avoid mechanical damage reels during transport due to the bump caused; attention aluminum storage location should avoid corrosive media humid air and erosion damage.