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What considerations should be noticed during flexible towline cable installation?

Unlike ordinary fixed installation cable, flexible towline cable should pay attention to the following eight rules:

1. You must pay attention to the minimum bend radius of the flexible towline cable.

2. Flexible towline cable can not twist within laying, that is the cable can not be unfasten from one end of the cable reel or cable drum, and it should rotate the reel or drum to expand the cable, if necessary, cable can be expanded or suspended.

3. The flexible cables in towline must not touch each other or bundled together.

4. If towline break, the flexible cables in it which also need to be replaced because of damage caused by excessive stretching can not be avoided.

5. Flexible cables must be laid loosely side by side in the towline, and apart as far as possible, separate with septa or isolated penetration stent in separator holes, in towline flexible cable voids between the cables should be at least 10% of cable diameter.

6. Under the circumstance of meeting same electrical requirements, the diameter of flexible cable is smaller than other similar cable, with lighter weight. Flexible cable bending performance is very good, the minimum bend radius could be up to 5 times of cable diameter.

7. Two ends of flexible cable must be fixed, or at least at the movement end of the towline must be fixed. Mobile Point of flexible towline cable distance from the ends should be 20-30 times of the cable diameter.

8. Flexible towline cable is fully mobile within the bend radius can not be forced to move. Or between each other so that the cable between the guide means and movable relative. After a period of operation, it is best to check the position of the cable.

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