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One day, our Henan Tano Cable Co., Ltd. will be the most highly regarded and successful wire and cable manufacturer and provider in the world as measured by our customers, suppliers and employees.

One day, our products with our brand TANO CABLE will be found in every corner of the world, and our brand TANO CABLE will be known widely as symbol of high quality and outstanding performance.

One day, we will have very strong and close relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees, as members of family, to provide biggest support to each other, and grow together.

We are working to make this version come true in every day!



At TANO CABLE, we share a common set of value-based principles that define the behaviors of all employees and drive a performance-driven culture. We embrace our Core Values of Customer Responsiveness, Integrity, People, Respect, Responsibility and Safety in all that we do. With our commitment to these values, we uphold our philosophy of operating” as one company, as one people”

Whatever our customers or suppliers, all is our partner. We share an unyielding commitment to operate at all times with honesty, integrity, respect and fairness, to keep a strong and close relationship, to make as one company between our partner and our TANO CABLE.

Each of our employees is unique with diverse backgrounds and abilities, but we must be strong collectively and united by our drive, try best to share, understand, support each other, to succeed as one people.

We behave safely in all that we do.
We are committed to the safety of our people – at all times. We understand and follow all safety rules and practices, and we highlight the deficiencies we see. We assume personal responsibility for our individual safety as well as for the safety of others. We act safely on and off the job, and continuously recognize the positive impact of safe behavior on business results and on our personal well-being.

We anticipate and respond to customer needs.
We view all we do through the eyes of our customers, continuously striving to understand their business, and anticipate and address their evolving needs. We focus on being value-added, innovative, timely, and responsive with our customers, and we sell, produce, and deliver with quality.

We work together with integrity and speak with truth and candor.
We demonstrate teamwork and collaboration, and encourage the sharing of diverse opinions, ideas and views. We take personal responsibility to act with integrity, inspire trust with our colleagues, and exhibit courage to speak up and do the right thing.

We value people and their collective knowledge, skills and expertise.
We hire the best people for the job, empower them to perform and provide performance-driven training, development, ongoing coaching and feedback. We recognize and celebrate accomplishments and pay for performance. We demonstrate value for others through words and actions.

We respect each other and succeed as One Company.
We work together, with a shared mindset, toward a common goal. We seek to understand, demonstrate empathy, and embrace the diverse opinions and cultures of others. We have the courage to constructively disagree, yet support the final decision even if different than our own.

We act responsibly for our individual and collective actions and results.
We embrace teamwork and assume responsibility for our actions and their consequences, both to the company and the communities in which we operate. We strive to perform, take ownership for successes and failures, and learn through continuous improvement. We represent the company with professionalism, and we create long-term shared value for our company and the communities where we live and work.